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Dear Friends

As I read the book on “Being Quiet Before the Lord”, which was written by Andrew Murray God really challenged me to be quiet before Him in our busy and hectic schedules. If we are quite before the Lord then we taste and see that God is Good: Psalm 34 verse 8. The Lord Jesus is always good, but we are so busy sometimes we don’t wait in the quietness for him to reveal his goodness to you and I. Quietness sometimes requires perseverance and waiting on the Lord takes a lot of self-discipline, and that is why some of us don’t see God’s goodness because we become very impatient, and the Lord will not reveal himself to us if we are in a rush.

We also wait on the Lord only for His goodness, His gifts, and His protection sometimes instead of waiting on Him. But when we really spend time waiting on the Lord He starts to give us new power to our prayers and also to our worship time. My dear friends we really need to take time out and we need to take the trouble to cultivate this much needed element of the Christian life. We need to stop always getting second hand words and teaching from men when God is waiting patiently to teach you and me directly. Indeed what our faith needs is actually more of God and less of ourselves, so let us not become like Martha who was so busy doing the work of the Lord that she neglected the Lord of the work. Waiting on God should be our meat and drink and then we will see the goodness of our God.

As I write this letter to you, I am getting ready to travel to the USA that will be my first trip and I am extremely excited. I will start off on Thursday speaking live at the “700 Club ” , with Pat Robertson It is a very respected television program that has spanned over forty years, please pray for me in that area. Straight from there we go to “World Outreach Church” where pastor Alan Jackson and Malcolm Hedding are the pastors and have very kindly invited me to speak to their people. We will start on Friday night with a men’s meeting which is already exceeding 3000 men and I am so excited about that as well.

God is opening wonderful doors but please we still need your precious prayers because the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 16 verse 9, a verse that God has given to me very specifically which states that ‘ a great and effective door has been opened for you with many adversaries ‘ and so we are well aware of that. Then I will come back for a very short time and then go to Israel where God has blessed me to bring the word at the ‘ Feast of Tabernacles ‘ and also to a large group of pilgrims in Jerusalem travelling from South Africa.

I am also so excited about our new book: The Bible in 366 days for Men. I held this in my hand yesterday and every time a new book gets published its like I have given birth to a baby, it is something I cannot explain to you , it is so special and precious and I trust that many men’s lives will be transformed by the reading of this book. I have also received a copy of “A Mustard Seed” that is now going world wide through Monarch books in England and that also brings lots of excitement to me. The movie “Angus Buchan’s Ordinary People” is now being looked at in the USA for release next year, which is extremely exciting for us. Our main objective is to see souls saved in God’s kingdom.

May the Lord bless you as you continue to wait for His goodness and to spend lots of time in His presence.

Yours in Christ
Angus , Jill and the Shalom team

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