Prayer Letter – March 2013

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Dear Prayer Partners

Prayer is not just one of those rituals we do because we are Christians. The most significant aspect of prayer is that the God of the Universe and all creation made this way available to us. In fact, He invites us to come to Him in the name of His Son so that we can make our petitions known to Him. The most effective way to pray is to pray according to the will of God. His will is clearly given to us in his Word. The first instruction on prayer was given in Math 9:38. Jesus said “Therefore pray the Lord of the Harvest to send out labourers into His Harvest” Read also Math 9:35-38. Can I ask you to pray fervently for His labourers including our brother Angus?


  • Dates: 8-10 MARCH 2013
  • Webpage for details:
  • Angus’ ministry: 10 MARCH 2013
  • Other Ministries: Adriaan Vlok; Leon Schoeman; Hannes van der Walt
  • Organiser: Peter Mills – Phone 078 9551361


  • Dates: 15-17 MARCH 2013
  • Webpage for details:
  • Angus’ Ministry: 16, 17 MARCH 2013
  • Other ministries: Piet Jacobs; Riekert Botha;
  • Organiser: Franscois Brits


  • Dates: 26-28 APRIL 2013
  • Webpage details:
  • Angus’ ministry: 28 ARIL 2013
  • Ministries: Dawie Spies, Afrika Mhlophe; Johnny Louw
  • Worship: Joe Niemand en Louis Brittz
  • Contact: 079 9473566

Please read Isa 43:1-13 and call on the Lord to send his sons and daughters from the North, the South, the East and the West to attend the above events (V6). Ask the Lord to bring those that have eyes that do not see and those that have ears that do not hear to come so that their eyes and ears can be opened to the Gospel both physically and spiritually (V8). Cry out for the nations (V9) to be gathered together that they may know that our Lord Jesus Christ is the only God that can justify and save sinners to the uttermost. Let us all praise and exalt the Lord that we can be witnesses to the fact that He is GOD (V12).

Please forward a copy of this Email to any person that you know, living in or near the vicinity of any of the above events.

Thank you once again for your prayer support.


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