Prayer Letter – April 2013

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Dear Prayer Partners

What a privilege to write to you and to share with you the great things that our God is about to do in South Africa and the rest of the world. You can have a part in this great demonstration of the power of God in these last days, by joining your faith and prayers to the men that He called and set aside for this purpose. I have no doubt that you are praying fervently for your church leaders, your community and your families. A well known preacher once said ‘As the home goes, so goes the community; as the community goes, so goes government; as government goes so goes the nation.’ It is excellent and good to pray for your own first and this must never be neglected. In addition to this the Word of God exhorts us to pray for the nations also. It was these kinds of prayers that raised up and still support God’s missionaries all over the known and unknown worlds. The sad story is, however, that the nations that produced the missionaries are today in a pitiful state of spiritual bankruptcy and in great need of the Gospel. Shall we forget what their forefathers did under much tribulation in a foreign and dangerous then unknown world? Never!! We owe it to God and our fathers to pray, intercede and plead for their salvation, revival and restoration through our Lord Jesus Christ.

An important event to pray for again this month is the MMC KAROO which takes place at Jannie Moolman’s farm, Renosterfontein, just outside Middelburg, Eastern Cape from 26-28 April 2013. Further details can be viewed on the following webpage – . Thank the Lord for all these men that want nothing less than a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

You will recall that during the course of last year Angus was invited to preach at the World Outreach Church in the Nashville, Tennessee, USA. The seed was then sown for the birthing of the first MMC in the USA. This will take place on the 3rd May 2013 at the Murphy Center on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro. The stadium can seat up to 15 000 people. Angus will also preach on Saturday afternoon the 4th and Sunday morning the 5th at the World Outreach Church.

Let us pray that:

  • every seat will be filled with a soul hungry for salvation, revival, restoration, reconciliation and holiness from our Lord.
  • Angus will be filled with the Holy Spirit to enable Him to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with great Power.
  • The word will be confirmed with signs, wonders and miracles.
  • All those touched by the Lord will go from there to the uttermost parts of that great country as witnesses of the goodness of God.
  • The fires of revival, salvation and restoration will spread like a raging fire over the whole country reaching the highways and the byways, the cities and the countryside, the good and the evil – that there may be rejoicing in that land.

Please forward a copy of this Prayer Letter to any person that you know will pray for these events.

Thank you once again for your prayer support.


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