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New Website

Written by Angus Buchan on . Posted in From Angus' Desk

Friends, we are so excited about our brand new website!  As an old farmer, I realise we need to keep up with the times, and in so doing, use every opportunity we have, to share the Gospel.  We trust this website will offer you the information you need, as well as, encourage you to run this race the Lord has set before us, with strength to finish strong!

Please keep in touch with us and let us know how you are.

God bless

Angus and Jill

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Comments (5)

  • Kathryn Humphrey


    Angus and Jill
    Good Morning ! It is a sultry muggy August morning here in Murfreesboro TN, already climbing temperature wise as I sit here beginning my quiet time with The Lord on my front porch. I had just asked the HS what i need to do and my eyes fell on your letter sent out in the email. I am greedy for God and beg Him for His anointing a lot!… And you are right it comes but with a great price…the price I find as I ask for the more in Him is The Lord sears sanctification in and thru my daily life . As I repent, confessi, submit. replacing bad character with the mind of Christ it is a brutal process in me… It hurts to deliberately turn away from my wants and desires and sins and let Christ form His wants and desires in me….but when a little more is formed the healing and peace comes! however slowly at times ! …We are looking forward to your coming in November ! I pray that the hearts of the men in TN and anywhere else will melt from “a heart of stone and turn into a heart of flesh”. There are many Hollywood celebritys , country music stars and movie folk that have made Nashville their home that i pray will come to hear you.The Lord will do it thru your words…can you ask Jill if she can minister to us as women? has God called her to something like that ? …. To be your partner must mean she is a Mighty Woman of God herself, The women of the husbands , boyfriends, sons, and brothers that go to the Mighty Mens services are hungry too….I know He will supply us with what we need to support and be a helper to our men. We would love to hear her perspective as a woman.. Love you all, Kathryn


  • Gary Millar


    Goeie middag Oom Angus!
    Love the new style website. Fresh and beautiful. Have enjoyed exploring it this morning. Ever onwards Pa, ever onwards.


  • Leslie


    i was in India in January, they didn’t get the rain that July and when I got there I told my friends (many Hindu) I would pray for rain, they laughed and said “it doesn’t rain in January” I prayed anyway. My last day there it poured rain in buckets! God hears and Still performs miracles, we just need to trust Him and PRAY! what a testimony to our great God!


  • Bryan


    Greetings in the name of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ!

    Brother Angus, I am touched by your ministry and thank the lord for you!
    I am from Zimbabwe and would always watch your shows on TV,I am now based in the UAE and long for Gods touch to sweep over this land,I pray that the work God started in you he will see to completion! Keep the faith and keep moving mountains! You are a blessing to many like myself.
    God bless you more!


  • Dean Ward


    Dad (Spiritual father),
    I am so Blessed to have you as my spiritual father, and I still am waiting for you to come to Australia. You know and I am aware that you came here along time ago. Today more than ever in Australia we are in great need of your help, you know we are called the land down under, Dad if you don’t come to see us in Australia soon. I fear we will end up in true terms down
    under. I have fellowship at a Baptist church in Brisbane City. Please I ask you in Jesus name to come and be with us (my Family /church soon as you are able)I will make some arrangements if you wish In Gods Grace I pray you will come ASAP.
    God Bless you dad and Jilly also all the Buchan Family. From Dean and the Ward Family.xx


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