Three Generations of Buchans

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Team work, “A family that prays together, stays together”

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This was one of the proudest days of my life. My youngest son was short staffed, it was Sunday afternoon, and he had to bring a large herd of cattle in from an outlying field. He asked me to help him with my horse, Snowy. As I saddled up my horse, I saw one of my young grandsons Josiah, (who is only four years old), being mounted on to his own horse, for his first out-ride, by himself. His huge horse stands approximately 16 hands high and this little fellow on its back, was something that touched me deeply. My son was so proud of him! The three of us went out together and we brought in that large herd of cattle.

  The Lord laid on my heart again:
  •         the importance of family
  •         the family that prays together stays together
  •         the importance of team work

If we get this right in our country, we will see it prosper.

God bless you as you continue to work on relationships within your own family.

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  • Bianca Zimmer


    Dear Buchan Family,

    We have 3 little girls and we always talk with them about the importance of family. In our house it is a priority and we have team work and we pray together. Every Saturday at 8pm we pray and say thank you to The Lord for our life and everything that happened to us and we ask for guidance for the future. Tonight we watched the movie and we love it.

    With God and Jesus in our lives everything is possible. Together we can!

    God bless your family.

    Zimmer Family
    Hudson, MA, USA


  • Annetjie Olivier


    Dear uncle Angus, I have got a burning desire, to meet U, I hace a calling to work for our Father for a long time now, I got my calling at the age of 9, my father used to be a pastor untill he died, almost 15 years ago, I need to speak and be prayed with some one as humble as your self, I do stay in Pretoria, my uncle I need to meet and speak to you, I would really apperciate if you are willing to see me, I had some hard lessons in life, but had a dream that I am SA. Joyce Myer please pray for me, I need your wisdom and humblenes in my life, I am praying that the Lord speak to you abouth me, because he is the only one that can put a door in a room where their have never, been one, and I pray deep out of my hart to speak to you in person, God Bless 0791358383


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