Prayer Letter – October 2013

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Dear Prayer Partners,

I would like to give thanks to the Lord for all of you who constantly and consistently pray for Angus and Jill. Even the great Apostle Paul said, “Pray for me also..”

I want to encourage you to pray for Angus and the ministry that God has given him and also for all those that hear and see him through the media and in person. Through television, radio, articles in magazines, newspapers, books, devotionals and in person, Angus is able to reach a multitude of people. Many of them, unbelievers, backslidden, complacent and hopeless and many of them committed Christians who desire to grow to full maturity. All of them, including me, require prayer and are reliant on you, knowing that somebody is also praying for you.

I sometimes wonder how many people are aware of the busy schedule that faces Angus on a daily basis. Let me, without being exhaustive, give you a glimpse of what I know about this, so that we all can pray more effectively for him.


I am aware that Angus sets aside time daily to talk to the LORD, for up to 4 hours per day. He prays for the salvation of a lost and dying world, for the Saints that serve the LORD all over the world, for Israel, for America, the British Isles and a multitude of other countries that need intervention from the LORD. He also prays for open doors to deliver the word of salvation and that he may stand firmly to the end.

Television, Internet and other visual material

Angus produces 10 – 14 different TV messages per week varying from 5 to 24 minutes for Christian and Secular TV channels in South Africa, Africa and elsewhere in the world for the spreading of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Radio and other audio material

His opinion on moral, marital and other controversial issues are highly regarded by the media, which makes him a regular candidate for interviews on secular Radio – as well as Christian Stations, like Focus on the Family. He produces audio material for 29 radio stations in Africa alone.

Books, Devotionals, including devotionals in Newspapers, Magazines and other literature.

There are many. It is sufficient to mention that he writes up to 9 columns for magazines and newspapers per month. He has already written many books and devotionals. His latest book, The Booth, will be on the shelves of most Bookshops by the time that you read this letter. Don’t miss this one!

Local and International Ministry

This you can follow on the new webpage and Facebook. Please pray earnestly for the next MMC at Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee on 17 November 2013. Please ask the Lord for the arena to be filled to capacity and for the drawing of thousands into the Kingdom of God.

With much love,


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