Blessed Rain

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In God’s Holy Word, Luke 15: 20, “and while he was still a long way off, his father saw him coming. Filled with love and compassion, he ran to his son, embraced him, and kissed him”.

This kind of love we are currently experiencing in our beloved South Africa right now.

Last week God gave us tremendous compassion, and love, for our farmers and towns folk, in the western part of our Nation, and prompted us to call an open, interdenominational prayer meeting, asking Father to send, urgently, life giving rain to the land, lest the people perish!

And what happened?

Exactly what the Word said about the “Prodigal Son”. When his father just saw the intentions of his wayward son coming back home, he ran towards his son with so much love and gratitude.

I firmly believe that when Jesus saw His people, intending to come together, tomorrow, to repent, to pray for mercy and to send life giving rain, He sent the rain ahead of us, as I write this letter, it has been raining in Bloemfontein, non stop since yesterday. HALLELUYHA!

So we are going as representatives of the Nation tomorrow, to Bloemfontein, to do three things,

      1.) To say sorry to God for the way in which we have disregarded Him, (just like the prodigal Son did),
      2.) Then to thank Him for the rain which has already fallen, and to ask Him to please sustain that rain till April at least, so that the crops can grow to maturity
      3.) Then lastly, but by no means least, to ask Jesus to set Pierre Korky free, from being held hostage by the terrorists in Yemen.

Please come to this meeting if you possibly can make it, from 10am to 11am @ CRC church building, Bloemfontein , 31/01/2014.

I have not been so excited or expectant for a long time, I know that we shall meet with the presence of Our blessed Lord Holy Spirit!

Angus Buchan

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