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The Sacred Vow of Marriage

Written by Angus Buchan on . Posted in From Angus' Desk

Wedding Bands

Last night while listening to the World News my heart was very disturbed when I heard that yet another of our World Leaders has no regard for the sacredness of the “Marriage Covenant”.

Cheating on his first Lady, who is not his Wife, by having an affair with a young film star, and having never married the mother of his four children that he started off with at the very beginning of his family life, is most disturbing to me.

And probably the worst fact of all is that a general survey taken from the public showed that over seventy per cent of the Nation was unconcerned about the President’s private life as long as he did the job!

We really need to guard our marriages, literally with our lives, and to educate our children about this God instituted, commitment!

It is not optional, it is until, “death do us part”.

God Bless You, and Your loved One (I am talking about your best friend).


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