When God Is For You

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DSC_0684.jpg 1 When we know who we are in Christ Jesus, then the scripture found in 1 John 4:4 applies. It says, “He who is in You is greater than he who is in the World”. Therefore if God be for You, there is no one who will stand against You; Romans 8:31. Now the KEY to these incredible promises from God lie in the personal relationship we have with Him. We need to get to know Him more. You might very well ask, “How?”. The same way you get to know anybody, by spending time with Him; getting up early in the morning and having a good solid quiet time with Jesus – reading His Word, praying and meditating. James Hudson Taylor, founder of the China inland Mission (CIM), once asked a new Chinese convert how His Spiritual walk was doing? The young convert said, “It is like I have two dogs in my stomach, a white one representing good and a black one representing evil. Depending on which one I feed the most, is the one which has the victory in my life”. If we want victory over evil, if we want to be used by God to achieve great things for Him, it will never happen if we are feeding ourselves with trash. We will be fearful, ineffective, cowards with no confidence, and worst of all, compromisers! However, if we spend time with God, believing what He says about us, operating in the power and love of the Holy Spirit that He has given to each one of us… we will be more than conquerors – Ephesians 3:20. God Bless, Angus Buchan.

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