Prayer Letter – October 2015

Written by Leon Vermeulen on . Posted in Prayer Letters

Dear Prayer Partners and Friends,

It is time to talk to the LORD again. Thank you for praying for Angus daily. If only you knew how desperately he is in need of your prayers you will not miss a day. I looked at Angus’ calendar for the past 6 weeks and cannot believe that he was able to fit in all the events, the writing of articles, the preparing of daily devotionals, daily TV messages, consultations, ministries in South Africa and overseas, daily radio broadcasts, time with Jill, time with the family and time with the LORD in his daily time of prayer which I know is first priority and highly important.

You and I also claim to be busy, sometimes so busy that we neglect our own special time with the LORD, we neglect time with our wives, children and grandchildren, we neglect time with our friends, we neglect prayer meetings, bible study and church attendance. If we do a little introspection we will find that we still have time to eat out, attend or play cricket, soccer, tennis and rugby, go away for weekend breaks, watch our favourite TV programs, spend hours per week on Facebook, WhatsApp, the Internet and Emails. None of these things are evil in itself. Of course we are entitled to exciting holidays, rest, leisure and entertainment but not at the expense of the things that have eternal values! The best of all is that GOD has a rest for His children and that He encourages us daily to be diligent to enter that rest? (Heb 4:10-11). I am sure you know there were times when the Apostles were so busy that they did not even have time to eat? Jesus then lovingly invited them to come aside to a solitary place to rest. (Mark 6:31).

We are now drawing nearer to year-end events, office parties, celebrations, Christmas parties and a multitude of events that will place additional demands on our lives. Let us consider that the wise thing would be, not to give in to the things that will place additional burdensome demands on our daily lives at the expense of Love, Peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit. Let us first find rest in the right place and listen to the voice that says, ‘Come unto me all of you who labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.’

Enter into an agreement with yourself that you will continue to pray daily for Angus, Jill and all the people that are involved with Shalom Ministries. Let me give you a brief description of the areas, in addition to that mentioned above, that you can cover in prayer:

That GOD may endue him with rest, a healthy body and a healthy mind, wisdom, the word of knowledge, discernment, signs, wonders and healings, humility and all the fruit of the Spirit, safe travelling, protection against evil men, loneliness, the continued fullness of the Holy Spirit, a sound memory and words that will not condemn but bring life to the people. That he may be a good husband to his wife, a good father to his children, a good grandfather to his grandchildren a good friend to his friends and to all that the Lord shall call to Himself through Angus’ ministry.

The LORD bless you all richly, He will keep you through difficult and good times, He will look at you and smile over you with the radiance of his kindness, and He will be gracious to you. Remember also that he said “My peace I leave with you…”


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