Prayer Letter – June 2016

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Dear Friend,

Thanks for joining. May this letter be a challenge to you. I also want to use this opportunity to demonstrate certain contradictions that we find in our society and societies the world over. You be the judge regarding the type of society you would prefer.

I am sure that you are aware of all the student unrest that South African universities experienced since the beginning of the year. It became so violent that most universities had to close down for a considerable time directly and indirectly as a result of the damage done to buildings and other assets that belonged to the Universities. Peaceful and devoted students, who happened to be in the majority, had to go home. Their rights to study peacefully and abide by the rules of the Universities were rudely and selfishly ignored by a minority group of people who terrorised the university staff and the rest of the students. The amazing thing is that they actually succeeded to bring a Parliament with a 60% majority in the House of Representatives to their knees – acceding to their demands! The outcome of this was the prevalence of fear, uncertainty, emotional dismay and panic with the majority. The question that needs to be asked is whether this is indeed the way forward? Recently at least 23 schools were set alight and destroyed under the same spirit! This was exploited by the press to the most extreme limit and broadcasted the world over. If this is the answer, then the question is – ‘what’s next?’.

Conversely, at the same universities Christian students and other peaceful students resolved to respond with a different spirit, a spirit of love, a spirit of meekness, a spirit of reconciliation, a spirit of obedience to authorities. These students, spearheaded by Christian leaders on Campus, consulted with University officials and received approval that Angus be invited to come and preach the good news of the Gospel to all that were willing to hear. Seven Universities responded positively. The meetings were extremely well attended. Thousands of students resolved to become Christians for the first time, receiving the free gift of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ and understanding the love of God. Peace returned to these universities, the atmosphere changed and soon classes could be continued with.  Strangely though, virtually no mention of this was made in the press. We know that, if this is the answer – the next will be more peace.

Joshua said to the nation of Israel, ‘Choose you this day whom you will serve….!’

Come let us pray together, ‘Our Heavenly Father, may your name be honoured; May your kingdom come, and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us daily the bread we need. Forgive us what we owe to you, as we have also forgiven those who owe anything to us. Keep us clear of temptation, and save us from evil’.(J B Phillips translation)

Please refer to the last paragraph in May’s prayer letter and continue to fervently pray for Angus and Jill. They need your prayers and lots of rest.

As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

Lots of blessings,

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