Jesus Never Overlooks Anyone

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In the Old Testament book of Numbers 2:31, the Word of the Lord says that the tribe of Dan must break camp and travel last, bringing up the rear end of the twelve Tribes of Israel. 

Looking in from the outside one could almost think that they were possibly the most inferior of the tribes but that assumption could not be further from the truth. You see, as the last tribe they had the enormous responsibility of collecting all the stragglers and lost property on the trail.

The Rear Guard is also a place of danger, because the enemy lurks in the rear, as much as the front. And then there are the disillusioned folk, the tired folk, sick folk, who have to be encouraged by the last tribe to keep on going.

Sometimes I have asked a lady what she does for a living, and often her reply is, “Oh, I’m just a House wife.” Well, I need to remind all house wives reading this letter, that I believe that you hold the most important occupation there is in this world.

Mary the Mother of Jesus, surely had the most important responsibility that the world has ever known, to nurture, protect, and see to the well-being of God himself, in the form of a helpless and defenceless babe. And that is why she could say that God has regarded her worthy to look after the Baby Jesus (Luke 1: 46, 55). Indeed, the most blessed of all women, ever.

What about Stephen, who waited on the tables while the disciples spent time praying and reading the scriptures, and receiving the ministry of the word (Acts 6: 1, 5). And yet He became the first martyr in the New Testament. He never compromised his testimony, or ran away, or denied the Lord like the disciples had previously had done. What a Man of God! 

We could go on and on with many so more examples of folk holding down the ‘so called’ menial jobs in life, but then again, who says that any job done for Jesus is menial?

My dear friends I think we are all in for some huge surprises when we get to Heaven one day because the Saints who will be heralded by God will be: the old praying granny, the lonely missionary, the Bible translator in the jungle, the Christian school teacher who refuses to water down the Gospel, and so many others who are hardly ever mentioned, or noticed, or even recognized here on earth.

So press on, those who maybe sometimes feel used, abused, and taken advantage of, because your reward, a big one, is still coming. Jesus never overlooks anyone! 

God Bless, 
Angus and Jill Buchan.

Matthew 25:40, “Inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.”

Provoked – Acts 17: 16-21

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Let us never cease to be provoked by Our Lord, the Holy Spirit, to speak up when we see people worshipping idols.

The apostle Paul could not contain Himself; he had to warn the people, because father God had given Him such a love for those who are lost, who are directionless, and who are literally grasping at straws!
The philosophers called Paul a “babbler” – meaning a seed picker, an idler who makes a living picking up scraps. How wrong they were.

I was called that once too, a “babbler”, but nevertheless, the truth always prevails, because God has put eternity into the heart of a man, and eventually the most ardent critic will want to hear what you have to say, hence the invite to Paul from the Philosophers, to speak on Mars Hill.

God Bless,
Angus and Jill

Psalm 81:10

Prayer Letter – June 2016

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Dear Friend,

Thanks for joining. May this letter be a challenge to you. I also want to use this opportunity to demonstrate certain contradictions that we find in our society and societies the world over. You be the judge regarding the type of society you would prefer.

I am sure that you are aware of all the student unrest that South African universities experienced since the beginning of the year. It became so violent that most universities had to close down for a considerable time directly and indirectly as a result of the damage done to buildings and other assets that belonged to the Universities. Peaceful and devoted students, who happened to be in the majority, had to go home. Their rights to study peacefully and abide by the rules of the Universities were rudely and selfishly ignored by a minority group of people who terrorised the university staff and the rest of the students. The amazing thing is that they actually succeeded to bring a Parliament with a 60% majority in the House of Representatives to their knees – acceding to their demands! The outcome of this was the prevalence of fear, uncertainty, emotional dismay and panic with the majority. The question that needs to be asked is whether this is indeed the way forward? Recently at least 23 schools were set alight and destroyed under the same spirit! This was exploited by the press to the most extreme limit and broadcasted the world over. If this is the answer, then the question is – ‘what’s next?’.

Conversely, at the same universities Christian students and other peaceful students resolved to respond with a different spirit, a spirit of love, a spirit of meekness, a spirit of reconciliation, a spirit of obedience to authorities. These students, spearheaded by Christian leaders on Campus, consulted with University officials and received approval that Angus be invited to come and preach the good news of the Gospel to all that were willing to hear. Seven Universities responded positively. The meetings were extremely well attended. Thousands of students resolved to become Christians for the first time, receiving the free gift of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ and understanding the love of God. Peace returned to these universities, the atmosphere changed and soon classes could be continued with.  Strangely though, virtually no mention of this was made in the press. We know that, if this is the answer – the next will be more peace.

Joshua said to the nation of Israel, ‘Choose you this day whom you will serve….!’

Come let us pray together, ‘Our Heavenly Father, may your name be honoured; May your kingdom come, and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us daily the bread we need. Forgive us what we owe to you, as we have also forgiven those who owe anything to us. Keep us clear of temptation, and save us from evil’.(J B Phillips translation)

Please refer to the last paragraph in May’s prayer letter and continue to fervently pray for Angus and Jill. They need your prayers and lots of rest.

As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

Lots of blessings,

Miracles Through The Spoken Word

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Having just completed a very rigorous campus tour of all the major Universities in South Africa, interspersed with huge MMC conferences, I am sitting in my “quiet time” shack in the garden.

Birds are singing outside, especially the African dove. It is so very peaceful. Next to me a small fire is burning brightly in the hearth which my dear wife, Jill, has very kindly prepared for me to take the chill off the early morning air.

I am sitting here meditating on the goodness of God over these past number of weeks, and the miraculous work He has done. I am realizing, yet again, the importance of preaching the undiluted Word of God. (2 Timothy 4 : 2 )  The power is in the Word!

Like never before there is a full onslaught on authenticity the Bible, and yet these young students are just so hungry and desperate to learn of the truth and power of God’s Holy Word.

Just one practical example of what happens when God’s Word is preached took place at the meeting in the University of the North West (Potch). The presence of God’s Holy Spirit was so strong, almost tangible that night as we were preaching the gospel. Then there was a disturbance from the side of the huge hall, and we saw a middle-aged lady walking with her friend towards the platform, weeping uncontrollably. She had been paralyzed through a stroke, had been brought to the meeting, unbeknown to anyone, in a wheel chair, and through the simple preaching of God’s Holy Word, had got out of the wheel chair by herself and walked, completely healed. No person laid hands upon her; she had found the meaning of life and Jesus healed her!

We must never rationalize the Bible, nor take anything from it, or try to add anything to it.

Jesus Himself is the Word, and says if I be lifted up, then I will draw all men to myself – John 12:32.

Remember, one genuine miracle equals a thousand sermons!

God Bless,
Angus and Jill Buchan.

Prayer Letter – May 2016

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Dear Friend,

This may be the first time that you read a prayer letter on Angus’ webpage. I want to assure you that Angus deeply appreciates your support. May I suggest that you encourage your friends, family and acquaintances to pray regularly for Angus, his wife Jill, and everyone who labours behind the scenes of Shalom Ministries, giving thanks also for every single person who supports this ministry financially?

There is a great desire that the Lord open a door for Angus to minister the word on Kyknet. Although this may be a costly venture it is not beyond the reach of the Lord who owns all the cattle on a 1000 hills and the gold in every mine! Let us humble ourselves before the Lord in faith and trust that He will hear our prayers and make this venture possible!

During the past month Angus had the privilege of ministering the gospel at various universities in South Africa. This was indeed an answer to prayer. Let us trust that this was not just a once off but that it will grow from strength to strength in the years ahead. Let us also express our gratitude to all the Christian students under the spearhead of Shofar Church who trusted God for this great rock. Let us continue to pray that more universities will open their doors and facilities for the preaching of the gospel. Pray also for the thousands of students who opened their hearts for the Lord Jesus Christ for the first time, as well as those that recommitted their lives to Him. Pray that they may be able to stand strong in the Lord and power of His might. The Universities visited so far are Stellenbosch University, University of Cape Town, University of Johannesburg, University of Pretoria and the University of the Free State at Bloemfontein. On the 18th May Angus will be ministering at the University of Potchefstroom. Keep this one in your prayers as well.

The Lord poured out His Spirit at the Karoo Mighty Men Conference which occurred during 29 April -1 May. Many souls were saved and restored and the Lord confirmed his word with mighty miracles and signs! Please pray for every person that was touched by the Lord, that they may be able to continue in faith and that they will receive power from the Holy Spirit to become witnesses for the Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks to all who prayed for the Goudveld Mighty Men Conference which took place at Fochville from 13-15 May. Angus, as well as Ben Loubser and Rican Brits, ministered the word of God and there was a mighty anointing that will touch the lives of men eternally.

The past two months were very busy and taxing for Angus, both physically and spiritually. He needs to draw aside and rest a while with the Lord. He also needs to catch up with all the other forms of ministry such as, writing books, preparing spiritual articles for various magazines and newspapers, the producing of Grassroots for daily broadcasting and television viewing on various TV and radio channels and many other engagements – too many to mention, not forgetting his responsibility and affection for his family. Please pray!

The Lord reigns,

 It’s That Time Now

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If we look at the last verse, of the last chapter, of the last book, of the Old Testament, Malachi 4:6, Father God tells us very clearly that it is the time for the hearts of the fathers to be turned towards the children, and the hearts of the children to be turned towards their fathers.

You and I do not have to be prophets to see that we are living in the last days.

Over this last six or so weeks I have seen, with my natural eyes, Father God doing an amazing work  amongst the fathers and their children!

Being so very privileged to speak one week to the children (students), through the major University Campuses in the nation, and then the very next week speaking to many fathers, through the Mighty Men Conferences throughout the land.

There is no doubt in my mind that our Lord, Holy Spirit, is putting this particular area of reconciliation very high on His priority list and He wants us to urgently cooperate with Him.

Undoubtedly the hardest place to be a Christian is in ones very own home because we know each other so intimately and cannot fool each other. Nonetheless, the Father desires for charity (love), to begin in the home.

It is the family unit that can make or break this nation, and the devil himself is working overtime to try and utterly destroy this God-given gift of moms and dads, boys and girls.

Why, we might ask?  Well, quite simply because the evil one knows just how precious to Father God the family unit is, and the evil one knows that if he can disrupt the family, and bring division, divorce, and rebellion into the family then he has won the day.

Like never before please pray for this fatherless generation, because there is a huge revival stirring on the campuses amongst the students who are finding out the true meaning of life. Also among the Men through the Mighty Men Conferences taking place all over the land with capacity crowds attending, they are learning to love their children unconditionally, and to become the Prophet, Priest, and King, in their respective homes.

God Bless,
Angus and Jill Buchan

James 5:16 “The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”

Campus Tour

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Dear friends,

Thank you for your prayers, the students are on fire for Jesus.

We went to the upper campus at UCT, The Jameson Hall, and what a magnificent building. We were concerned they wanted to cancel the meeting, because of the intimidation and the chances of protestors coming etc. Well, when we arrived I got such a pleasant surprise. The hall was fully packed of dynamic, young, passionate students who are wanting to know more about Jesus Christ.

Halfway through my preaching I saw there were people standing against the glass door on the outside of the building, only to find out afterwards that the protestors did in fact come. They were protesting against everything you could think of; from gay rights to feminise etc. Some of the organisers went outside and invited them to come in and to listen to the message, but they were afraid to and they would not come in.

I think of that scripture in Zachariah 4:6 (NKJV), “‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord of hosts.”  And the other scripture which is found in 1 John 4:4 (NKJV), “…He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.”

Those protestors didn’t have the courage to come in and disrupt the meeting, because the presence of God was so powerful in that place.

Lastly, I want to say it is the love of God that will change this nation. It is not anger, bitterness or fear, but the undiluted love of Jesus Christ. These protestors need Jesus Christ, just as much as anybody else. They are beautiful people, they are just deceived; that is all. We need to pray for them.

Please keep me in your prayers, MMC Karoo has just ended and in a couple of days’ time we start again with the campuses:
  • 8   May Tukkies Pretoria University
  • 11 May Kovsies Bloemfontein University
  • 15 May MMC Goudveld
  • 18 May Potchefstroom: University

Angus and Jill Buchan.

A Faithful Witness

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While jogging very early this morning, the brightness of the moon lit up my path beautifully!

That is exactly how you and I are supposed to live, to be reflections of Jesus Christ to a very dark world. Psalm 89:37 says that the moon is a faithful witness in the sky. It is the witness of the sun which in the very early morning is yet unseen.

We spell sun, ‘Son’, that’s right, we are talking about the very Son of God Himself, Jesus Christ!

We are His faithful witnesses because there are many, many folk who do not know Him .So when they see you and me, hopefully, we will be faithful reflections of Jesus. Col 1:27 says it is “Christ in us, the hope of glory”.

Angus and Jill Buchan.

The moon early this morning while jogging. A faithful witness in the sky. It bears proof of the sun, which has not come up yet.