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Easter Service 2016

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The following article is a look back this years Easter Sunday service, which took place at Shalom Farm. The author is Cath Cope.
Easter Sunday was ‘abuzz’ with family, friends and many new visitors. Before starting his service, Uncle Angus began by asking the church to sing the significant song “No longer a slave to fear” a second time. However, this time, he asked if everyone could sing it in the first person and “take ownership of the words”. Any saved person would be able to familiarize themselves with the powerful words of this song.

No longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God

Uncle Angus introduced his sermon as “Miracle Sunday” and how we must anticipate miracles within our lives. He began by sharing the story of Mary Magdalene, in John 20:1, and how she comes to find the tomb empty. God uses “nobodies” like Mary Magdalene and makes them new. The disciples finding the tomb empty and believing was yet another example of the miracles that were experienced by simple people, like you and me.

He is not God of the dead, He is God of the living – Luke 20:38

Many people raised their hands during the sermon to admit that they were there to witness a miracle. Uncle Angus reiterated how one needs to truly believe for a miracle to take place and that “the condition for a great miracle is impossibility”. The greatest miracle of all was that Jesus rose from the dead.

Miracles are not meant to be understood, they are meant to be believed. – M.L. Jones

Uncle Angus challenged everyone to forgive one another and let go of anger, bitterness and resentment, and in return receive their miracle. He challenged all to “stand up for Jesus” and “not to be ashamed of the gospel”. Everyone joined in the Sinners Prayer at the end of the service and the sick were prayed for. Cath Cope.